Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Latest Quilt in Progess

I bought some charm packs from The Connecting Thread right after Christmas on clearance.  They were a real bargain.  I thought I would sew the squares together to form a large lap quilt.  I took several of the squares and cut them into fourths.  I then took strips of white Kona cotton and added it to all four sides of these to make them into five inch sqares. 

Now, I have always considered myself relatively good at math.  (My DH may disagree, when it comes to balancing the checkbook.)  But somehow, I really screwed up my math this time.  Each block I had constructed was about a half inch too big.  Each strip I had cut was two inches wide and should have been one and three quarters inches.  So I had to trim each and everyone one of these blocks that ended up five and a half inches down to five inches.  At least, I didn't make them too small!  Other than this little hiccup, I really like how this quilt is turning out.

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