Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm the Mail Ma'am!

I have worked for the Post Office for 14 and a half years.  Eleven of those years I have carried mail.  Let me say that I love my job. 
I am proud to wear the uniform.  I love being on my own everyday and talking to my customers.  I have learned so much from the people I see on my routes everyday. 
This job keeps me in shape.  I walk anywhere from 8 or 9 miles a day to only a mile, depending on the route I am on that day.  The people on my routes are wonderful.  I love getting to know them.  You can learn a lot about people from the mail they get.  From the magazines they get to the bills I deliver. 
There are some things I don't like about my job.  I'm sure everyone has some things they don't like about their job, too!  I don't mind working in the winter.  I like the cold weather.  But the summers here in Kentucky are brutal.  The humidity makes it unbearable.  There is only so much water or gatorade you can drink. 
I guess what I dislike most about my job is the supervision.  We are not allowed to make any decisions on our own as to how to do our job.  We are never asked our opinion on the best way to do the job.  Someone sitting in an office somewhere makes all the decisions as to how we carry the mail.  That probably isn't unusual but it sure makes it seem as if our experience and opinions aren't valued.  During a meeting, it was mentioned that perhaps when making changes to routes consideration be given as to which routes to add more walking to because it is hard on our bodies over time.  We were told that the P.O. didn't care about our bodies and if we were having a hard time maybe we should consider a different career.
In spite all that, I still love what I do.  Can't imagine where I could work and get the benefits and pay I get without more education.

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