Monday, June 30, 2014

How to make the Kentucky license plate from the ABM blog tour

To make the license plate of Kentucky you will need:

The following pieces of AMB fabric

7 x 13 inch piece of white

5 x 8 inch piece of dark turquoise

3 x 5 piece of dark rust

Fabric adhesive such as wonder under

Dark blue fabric pen


Iron the wonder under to the dark turquoise and dark rust fabric pieces.

Trace the pattern to the fabric.  Make sure to copy it in reverse.  Cut out.

Find the center of the white fabric by folding in half, first crosswise and then lengthwise. 

Find the center of the state the same way and make sure the center of the state is centered on the white.  Iron.  Stitch down using a small satin stitch. 

Iron the horse onto the block eyeballing the placement.  Use black or dark brown thread to sew the mane and tail using a straight stitch. 

Trace the word Kentucky at the top of the plate and color in with the fabric pen.                            Do the same with 1792 at the bottom of the plate.



Kentucky   1792

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