Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Once again it's time for Amy's blogger's quilt festival.  Twice a year Amy invites quilters all over the world to visit her blog and share one of their quilts with anyone who wants to enjoy the talents of all the other creative quilters.  Thank you, Amy, for all the hard work you put into this each time. Click over to see them all and read their stories.
This season I am sharing my line art baby quilt.  This is the third quilt I have made from the same jelly roll.  Each quilt used the same pattern just in different dimensions.  The first one was lap size, the second one was a doll quilt.
I really had no baby in mind when I made it, but I think it is the perfect quilt to have stashed away for a someday baby.  The fabric was a Mary Engelbreit jelly roll and some kona white.  It is approximately 29" x 36".  I hand quilted it and finished the edges with rickrack under the binding.  I would place this quilt in the baby quilt category and the hand quilted category.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Monsters for the Grandkids

It started off simple enough.  Make a stuffed monster for Ben.  He is our five year old grandson who started kindegarten this year.  Seems like I am often making something for the granddaughters so I thought a little something for Ben was in order.  I decided on a whimsical monster.  Something sweet, like Ben and mischievous like him, too.  I would say it was a huge succes.
Before I had a chance to give it to Ben, the granddaughters saw it.  Now, I have five granddaughters ranging in ages from 14 years old to 2 months.  And wouldn't you know, they all wanted one.  So on my day off Thursday I spent it making girl monsters.  I didn't really think the baby would care if she got one or not but her mommy said she needed one, too. 
Julianne loves hers.  I had to make hers with one blue eye and one brown because she has a blue eye and a brown eye.
Baby Lucy seems to love her mini monster, too.
This one is Kaitlyn's.  She is our 14 year old.  I didn't get a picture of her with it, but believe me, she loves it!
This one is Ava's.  She is six and in first grade.  She really likes the teeth on hers.
This one belongs to Allie, our two year old.  She was not very happy about hers.  She wanted pink!  After we explained to her that it matched her room she was fine with it.
We also have a 15 soon to be 16 year old grandson, Kody.  Fortunately for me, Kody is just not into plush monsters.  But don't worry; I recently made him a vest he wanted so he could wear it to school.  He's quirky that way.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Unclaimed Baby Quilt

Do you ever make a quilt for no one, for no reason?  I had made a lap size quilt and a doll size quilt from a jelly roll I had and had enough of the fabric left over to make a baby quilt.  I had sewn the top together quite some time ago and it was just waiting to be quilted.  I picked it up a couple weeks ago and decided to get busy.  I hand quilted it with straight lines through every line.  I added the rickrack to the edge because I have been on a rickrack kick lately.  I like the bit of character it added.  So now it is finished and just waiting for the next baby girl who needs a quilt.