Sunday, August 9, 2009

Memory Bears

All these teddy bears where made for a friend of my daughter's, Amy. A girl she worked with father had died. She was really having a tough time of it, as would be expected. Amy told her I had made memory bears before and she volunteered me to make one for her. They are made from shirts that her dad her worn and brought back favorite memories of him. I am happy to help ease the pain of someone grieving a loss. I hadn't expected to make so many, as I do it at no cost to the recipient. However, I couldn't say no. I do think from now on I will do the first one for free and charge a small fee for any more they need. Aren't they sweet? My dad died fourteen years ago. He and my mom had been married for over forty years. Mom was really grieving for him. My sister suggested I make one of these bears for my mom. She had heard about them from a friend of hers who worked for Hospice. When Mom died four years later, my sister got the bear. I was happy she could take a bit of solace in it. Seems like a great way to honor a loved one.


Des said...

What a beautiful, meaningful keepsake. God Bless You!

Debbie said...

What a great idea! Do you have a pattern? Love these.